What Are The Advantages Of Disposable Surgical Drapes?

Posted by Admin on September, 19, 2020

Today, the use of disposable surgical drapes has been widely accepted in the healthcare industry. The shift from traditional reusable surgical drapes to contemporary disposable surgical drapes has been sanctioned keeping in mind the hygiene and cost. Disposable healthcare products include disposable surgical drapes, gowns, face-masks, curtains, and hats. The healthcare industry is using disposable surgical drapes to improve infection control standards. Not only that patient's dignity and confidentiality being put at risk can be avoided with the use of disposable surgical drapes.

The Choice Of Surgical Disposable Drapes

While considering factors namely price, comfort, barrier performance, reliability, and safety, the choice of surgical disposable drapes is much less difficult. Environmental matters and antibacterial assurance are other factors to consider. Surgical drapes must have sterile procedures. Barrier performance is the capacity to prevent the penetration of microorganisms and fluid. Exquisite barrier qualities of surgical drapes prohibit the penetration of fluid when wet.

Quality surgical disposable products must have regular barrier effectiveness. Safety features include drape-ability, softness, and protection against penetration of fluid and micro-organisms, flammability standards, and stains resistance. Users select and purchase disposable surgical drapes considering health, safety regulations, and environmental, economic standards.

Advantages Of Surgical Disposable Drapes


Disposable surgical drapes are time-saving materials because you don't have to waste time washing, ironing, bleaching, and drying. They are well-packed, neat, and clean and hygienically ready to use. As they are used once, you don't need to wash them. Yet they are clean.

Disposable surgical drapes are also money-saving. There is no cost of washing disposable surgical drapes. Washing of cloth requires a washing machine, electricity, detergent, and water. Therefore, disposable drapes are less costly than reusable surgical drapes. While considering the cleaning requirements, disposable drapes are more convenient than reusable surgical drapes. Disposable drapes are readily available.

Environment Friendly
Disposable surgical drapes are made from polypropylene. It is the result of the petrochemical business. They are recyclable. So, they are environment-friendly as compared to chemicals and liquids used in washing processes.

Professional Image
Disposable surgical drapes should have hygiene standards. The use of disposable products like bed-sheets, curtains, drapes conveys an impression of professionalism. If surgical drapes look spotless and new always, the medical team becomes flexible and can act per emergencies.

Reusable Vs Disposable Surgical Drapes

• Disposable surgical drapes are less costly than reusable surgical drapes.
• Unlike reusable drapes, disposable surgical drapes are time-saving also because no time is wasted in washing drapes.
• Disposable surgical drapes are recyclable and are environment friendly.
• Unlike reusable drapes, disposable surgical drapes give a professional image to healthcare workers.
• While disposable surgical drapes dominate the market of US, reusable surgical drapes dominate the market of the U.K.


We, disposable surgical drapes manufacturers, are globally approved because of our international standard products. We supply quality disposable surgical drapes for hygienic and safe concerns at a reasonable price.

From the above discussion, you have come to know why disposable surgical drapes are gradually replacing reusable surgical drapes in the healthcare industry.

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